Arupokhari School Volunteer - 14 Days

Arupokhari School Volunteer Program provides an opportunity for you to stay and work in a remote Gorkha village of Nepal, whose ruler unified Nepal under the Shah Dynasty. This Shah dynasty ruled Nepal for 240 years. Through Arupokhari School Volunteer Program, you contribute for the sustainable development of Gorkha, mainly in the field of education. Side by side, you will also get the help from the guide of Ace Holidays and a non – profit organization called Sambhav Nepal. Arupokhari is a beautiful village, but it does not have a sufficient number of educated individuals, who could have otherwise contributed significantly for the well – being of the villagers and children.

Education and health are obvious problems of Gorkha and for their upliftments, the volunteers come from different parts of the world, such as Australia, the USA, and the UK, including the Scandinavian countries. If you want to volunteer then Ace Holidays welcomes you. It is also ready to accompany you; it is also ready to reply your enquires, and it is also ready to provide its professional local guide to in the villages of Gorkha.The itinerary of Arupokhari School Volunteer Program is very flexible, for you can also change, according to your requirements. Ace Holidays also believes that as a volunteer, you always want to work better for the deprived villagers of Gorkha.

As a volunteer, you also get enough opportunities to witness the traditional lifestyle and culture of the people of Gorkha. It is here that you participate in a traditional Nepali farming, where you use bulls for tilling an agricultural land. Further activities of Arupokhari School Volunteer Program include fishing in the Budi Gandaki and Stull Rivers, hiking to the neighboring villages, and seeing the astonishing sunrise and the sunset on the mountains, such as Manaslu and Ganesh. In the pre-monsoon seasons, multiple festivals are held in Gorkha and in its market, which are very lively, colorful and which involve a lot of folk dancing and singing. Through Arupokhari School Volunteer Program, you experience a village life in a remote and scenic area of Gorkha.