Sponsorship Program

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ace Holidays shoulders the responsibilities of the environment in which it operates as well as it enhances the underprivileged societies of Gorkha district. The responsibilities of Ace Holidays also include running the volunteer programs, helping the village schools, building the toilets, building the computer labs, empowering the village women, and sponsoring the orphans of Gorkha district.

Community Support Through Sambhav Nepal

Ace Holidays also gives a financial support to the projects of Sambhav Nepal, whose missions are improvements over education, poverty, health, and sanitation of Gorkha district. It also supports the community, which is concerned with the developments of the underprivileged women, youth clubs, vocational skills, and training programs, and it also provides stationaries and sport equipments to 29 villages of Gorkha district. Sambhav Nepal has also taken the steps to improve the economic status of the lower caste people, as well as gives emphasis on the learning and growing of the students of Gorkha district. In this way, it improves the living conditions of the people of Gorkha district, and it has recently repaired, refurnished, and renewed the old schools of Gorkha district.