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Our FleetFulfilling your Travel Needs in Every Corner of Nepal

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

All the fleets of Ace Holidays are handled by professional and friendly drivers, who take you to your favorite place at moment’s notice. The Government of Nepal has issued license to the drivers of Ace Holidays, and they are allowed to drive motor vehicles in all the tourism places of Nepal, as well as on all the roads of Nepal. They also drive to your destinations safely and conveniently and create good memories of hassle free transportation in different parts of Nepal.

Currently, Ace Holidays has these types of vehicles at your service: Urban Buses, Skoda Cars, Land Cruisers, and Toyota Vans. They have been registered to Nepal Tourist Vehicle Association, and they are classy, luxury, and air – conditioned and are ready round the clock to meet both your arrival and departure times, whether it is at midnight or the public holiday in Nepal. They are ready anytime, anywhere, and anyplace, and are waiting for you outside the airport, hotel, and resort to take you to your another desired destination.

What Makes Ace Holidays Different

Expert Knowledge

  • You visit with the specialists, who have travelled your favorite trek region extensively.
  • You have your trip handled by these specialists from beginning till end.
  • You are in touch with the founder of Ace Holidays as soon as you make an enquiry.
  • You have your trip taken on a personal level, and you get an advice on current conditions.

Personalized Itinerary

  • Your entire holiday is designed around your specific requirements.
  • Your ideas, tours, and packages are turned into perfect trips by Ace Holidays' specialists.
  • Your all sorts of groups with complexities are handled by Ace Holidays' specialists.
  • Your trip is customized at the best price, corresponding to your group size and needs.

Top Notch Service

  • Our Direct Contact Number helps you to speak directly with the specialists of Ace Holidays.
  • No Waiting List; guide, accommodation, and transportation are ready before you arrive.
  • Best Price guarantees services, equivalent worth of your money.
  • Ace Holidays is locally operated and knows about your trip deeply and clearly.

Fully Protected

  • 100% safety records, SAT phones are used in the remote areas. Safety comes first.
  • Ace Holidays' guides are well – trained at High Altitude First Aid.
  • Ace Holidays' trips and staffs are fully protected by the local insurance company.
  • More than 60% repeated clients. Ace Holidays takes you inside the real beauty of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.