You will climb technically challenging peak at 45 to 60 degree slopes and ridges. You must have a good climbing experience before climbing Grade 3 Mountain, as well as you should have a good knowledge and experience of Grade 2 Mountain.

Below mountains have been listed for the advanced climbers. Previous mountaineering is desirable, but not essential. Ama Dablam Expedition means an expedition on the most beautiful mountain of the world and comes under the category of a technical peak. During the expedition, you climb a ridge that is steep, exposed, and vertical. You also do snow climbing, ice climbing, and slab climbing. From its summit, you see a nice view of mountains, such as Everest, Makalu, Kyashar, Tutse, Numbur, Cho-Oyu, and Gauri Shankar.

Pumori is one of the central attractions of the Himalayas. Any trekker or climber, who has made a trip to Everest Base Camp, remembers a distinctive feature of Pumori, which is technically challenging; therefore, a climber requires a solid experience, as well as must have a solid physical fitness. The route that leads to the summit of Baruntse comprises broader slopes, ice cliffs, short ice steps clefts and ridges. The summit day is of 8 hours, but the climbing days are of 6 hours each.

Duration: 31 Days
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Duration: 37 Days
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Duration: 39 Days
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