Rescue & Evacuation

“You do not have to be Stranded for a Long Time; Ace Holidays knows where you are.“

Ace Holidays has a rescue team, which focuses on the saving of life of trekkers and climbers as well as has climbing and trekking guides, who have been trained to provide the first aid service to them in the remote areas or in the areas, where doctors or medical assistance is out of reach. Trekkers and climbers might experience the following conditions during their trips.

Lifting & moving patients or head injuries
Spinal injury management
Muscle twitching or fasciculation
Skeletal emergency
Respiratory emergency
Cardiac emergency
Severe abdominal pain
Metabolic & allergic reactions
Severe altitude mountain sickness

Rescue Evacuation from Thukle during Everest Base Camp Trek

Pasang Phuri Sherpa, a professional guide of Ace Holidays, carried Yeeun, a Korean nationality, on his back from Thukle to Pheriche, when she was affected by a severe Altitude Mountain Sickness. She was vomiting, her both hands and legs had become too weak to move, and she lacked the strength completely. From Pheriche, she was rescued by helicopter to Lukla. She recovered from a severe Altitude Mountain Sickness within one hour. On the next day, she flew to Kathmandu. Yeeun’s friends made to Everest Base Camp with another guide of Ace Holidays, Rajendara Khatri, who holds a certificate of medical assistant.

Search and Rescue Evacuation from Mt. Dhaulagiri Camp III

This rescue operation was conducted for Dario Baracali, an Argentine national, missing from Dhaulagiri Camp III in an adverse weather condition. The operation was conducted with great enthusiasm for consecutive 8 days. The rescue team, led by well trained Sherpas (guides) of Ace Holidays along with the Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal, head off to the base camp of Dhaulagiri in a helicopter. The helicopter made a rescue evacuation of Christian Vitri and Guillermo, the two Italians, on the second day, and they had an opportunity to discuss with them, about the circumstances, leading to the disappearance of Dario Baracali. The team was able to collect the entire items and belongings from Camp III and gave conclusions that Mr. Bracali had possibly fallen into one of the deadly crevasses during his solo climb with very basic safety equipments.

Search and Rescue Operation from Langtang Region

This operation was conducted in the Langtang region by Ace Holidays for Michael Barbenec, who during his trek, accidentally broke her hip bones. This was a very challenging rescue operation for the team because of the geographical difficulties. The team left to Syabrubesi in a 4 Wheel Drive and had to walk to Pahire where Mr. Barbenec had been trapped. In spite of all the geographical difficulties and bad condition, the team managed to bring down Mr. Barbenec in a stretcher to Syabrubesi. A fishtail helicopter was arranged for the operation by Ace Holidays, and it brought Michael back to Kathmandu for the emergency medical attentions. This was one of the hardest rescue operations amidst the condition and was conducted professionally by the well-experienced rescue team of Ace Holidays.

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