Filming & Documenting

“Handling in a Professional Way to Meet the Project of your Film and Documentary“

Nepal stands as one of the adventure destinations of the world. The northern region of Nepal has world’s 8 highest mountains, including Mount Everest and more than 240 peaks (6,096 m). The southern terai region of Nepali is fertile land and has humid climate, and in this region is located Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Filming and Documentary

Recently, Nepal has been attracting filmmakers from around the globe. The primary reason behind this is Nepal is blessed with stunning geographical regions and socio-cultural richness. Nepal is also inhabited by 101 ethnic groups, who speak 92 different languages and pursue separate customs and traditions. Nepal is also known as a paradise of flora and fauna (10 national parks) and its landscape also includes gushing glaciated Himalayan rivers, deep gorges, stunning valleys and vantage points, which offer a panoramic view of mountains.

Some of the services of Ace Holidays in this area of Filming and Documentary include

  • Ace Holidays helps you hire the professional film makers and photographers in Nepal.
  • Complete guidance and help in getting approvals from the ministries of concerned government departments.
  • Making arrangements for accommodation and transportation of crew members.
  • If you are coming from non-English speaking country and need an escort or interpreter for communication, Ace Holidays can manage this too for you.
  • Ace Holidays helps you in selecting most suitable locations for your films or documentaries.
  • Ace Holidays ensures smooth and unperturbed execution of your filming project.
  • For further assistance, please contact Ace Holidays.