Partner with us to give your clients 100 % satisfaction service in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. We have designed our partnership policies specifically to develop and support your business infrastructure so that you can achieve your goals through us on a personal level. We cooperate with you and help you to grow your business size, and we turn your ideas into realities.

Why Partner with Ace Holidays ?

Ace holidays is a reliable trek, tour, and expedition company of Nepal, which performs a high level of service to your clients. It has a passion for trekking, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, biking, touring, parahawking, paragliding, and volunteering. Ace Holidays has local guides and porters, who are from the different trekking regions of Nepal, such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Upper Dolpo, and Upper Mustang. These guides are ready to share their years of experience with your clients. Ace Holidays also has biking guides, climbing guides, local porters, city guides, local drivers, ticketing department, airport representative, correspondence department, technical department, reservation department, rescue department, evacuation department, medical department, and auditing department. Each of these loves to see your clients in the Rank of the Satisfied Client, and each of these is concerned with the satisfaction of your clients from beginning till end.

Ace Holidays Believes in Working for Your Clients all the Time

Ace Holidays believes in responding to your clients promptly; Ace Holidays has friendly and professional guides for your clients: Ace Holidays has the specialists to explain every enquiry of your clients; Ace Holidays has potentials to meet your clients' requirements in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Ace Holidays also gives emphasis to the customized itinerary. Ace Holidays has its own fleet of vehicles to serve your clients around the clock. Ace Holidays also gives importance on your clients' safety and health by providing first aid trained guides, and Ace Holidays also provides direct contact number and 24/7 assistance to your clients.

  • Health and Safety

    Your clients' health and safety is one of the main objectives of Ace Holidays. The guides of Ace Holidays are well - trained at high altitude sickness, and they also know how to deal with emergency evacuation at a high altitude of 5000 m.

  • Our Infrastructure

    To meet your necessities, Ace Holidays uses its own fleet of vehicles, contacts you through the latest communication technology, employs experienced staffs and serves you with its high-quality climbing and trekking equipments.

  • Best Rates for Partners

    The best rate of Ace Holidays guarantees result, and Ace Holidays assures you the best service in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. It also gives you a group discount, If you have any questions on discount then Ace Holidays is willing to work with you anytime.

  • Responsible Tourism

    Protecting the Himalayan Region is one of the responsibilities of Ace Holidays. Ace focuses on the restoration of environment and preserves natural heritage. Please go to for more information.