Kathmandu Lhasa Tour - 7 Days

Kathmandu, the city of temples, and Lhasa the highest city of the world are worth visiting from the perspective of an explorer; Kathmandu’s temples, stupas, and squares reflect traditions of Kathmandulites (people living in Kathmandu), and in the thinly populated regions of Lhasa, you put your steps only to gaze at their distinctive and impressive landscapes for a long time. These remote regions are untouched, beautiful, and splendid, completely different from your city and lush green villages that you have seen, stayed and visited in your life. Gulp all these by booking Kathmandu Lhasa Tour, the best way to reach the two interesting places of the world one by one through the tour.

For many tourists, from a reachable distance, that is, from the other side of the Bagmati River, whose width is not that much, Pashupatinath is so near and has always been a medium to study Hindu cultures, as well as, to study Hindu religion to some extent, for examples, you see the sadhus, a highlight of the Hindu religion, meditating by the river with or without any clothes, and not far off from them, you see the Hindu pilgrims worshipping the statues of gods and goddesses, including the relatives of the dead mourning and crying, as they burn the body in a pile of woods, and besides all these, you also see other Hindus performing rituals, puja, and following the rules and regulations of their religions, supervised by pundits, who chant the mantras, so that the participants could have successful life, wealthier life, and happier life.

Flying to Lhasa is rewarding in terms of the picturesque view of the world’s highest peaks, and no less is the sightseeing of Lhasa that includes the Sera Monastery that has a golden roof. You also visit Norbulingka, the summer palace of Dalai Lama, and you also visit Jokhang Temple, the most sacred shrine of Tibet. In addition to these, you visit the Potala Palace, which used to be the seat of Dalai Lama.