Drive Everest Base Camp - 12 Days

To drive Everest Base Camp is to reach the highest mountain of the world. But before this, you spend 3 nights in Lhasa. And spending 3 nights in Lhasa means visiting its interesting places, like Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, and chapels. The rooftops of the chapels offer the spectacular view of Lhasa, as well as, of Potala Palace. Lhasa is the holiest city of the world, while Potala Palace is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world.

As you drive in a SUV to the corners of Tibet, you come across amazing countryside, and you stay in the best traditional hotels. You will also explore Gyantse and Shigatse towns, you will also visit traditional monasteries, and you will also know the Tibetan Buddhist Culture from its root. As you are on the Friendship Highway, you will see the small Tibetan settlements, the nomadic herdsmen, and you will also come across the wide, arid, and beautiful, plains of untouched Tibet that will make you to praise their beauty in the highest adjectives. Awesome view of 8000 m mountains come to your sight and draw your attention in a full swing. You also visit Natang Monastery, as well as, Sakya Monastery. In this monastery, you will see the largest golden book of the world.

A drive to Shegar introduces you to the picturesque landscape. Later, you drive from Shegar to the south of Tibet, and you cross the Pang La Pass (5150 m). Here, you find the road off type, despite this, you will enjoy watching awe – inspiring view of Makalu and Shishapangma, two 8000 m peaks. After driving 85 km further, you reach Rongbuk, which offers a spectacular view of Mt. Everest. The Friendship highway also leads you to the path, which the hermits used in the olden days, and it is lined with hundreds of carved stones. These stones bear the inscriptions of the sacred syllables and prayer “mantras.” In the first light of the day, you will see the light touching the summit of Everest. Not only, you find this magnificent, but also the north face of the Everest, soaring just above you, impressing both your eyes and mind, and cherishing your travelling mind that want to see Everest that want to travel in SUV up to the base camp.