Travel Insurance

You are recommended to insure before travelling with Ace Holidays because you may suffer from Altitude Mountain Sickness in trek. If Altitude Mountain Sickness is too severe, you will need an immediate helicopter evacuation.

In your country, there are many insurance companies, but you should choose the one that covers the rescue and evacuation service in the Himalaya Region of Nepal. Ace Holidays also recommends you to insure your health, as well as, your travel. Both Ace Holidays and you know that travelling consists full of fun and adventures in the Himalayan Regions of Nepal, but at the same time, we all should also be prepared for future that is uncertain that is unknown. For more information on insurance companies, please check the following links:

For Canadians

For Americans

For Australians and New Zealanders

For British

For Europe and Slovenia


For Germany and Switzerland

For Netherland

For Asian and South-Africa