Tibet Trip Notes

Tourists and visitors heading from Nepal can enter into Tibet through these places, like Khasa, Liping, Kodari, Tatopani, and Lhasa.

Khasa, Liping (Tatopani on the Tibet, China-Nepal border; the Friendship Highway connects Lhasa with Kathmandu)
Note: Overland tourists entering the country with their own vehicles must possess an international carnet or complete customs formalities.

By Air

Flying to Lhasa always requires a stopover either in China or in Nepal. Lhasa Gonggar Airport is located 98 kilometers to the south of Lhasa.


Tibet time is ahead of GMT by 8 hours.


Obtaining RMB (Chinese Renmibi Currency) from automatic teller (cash) machines in Lhasa is now possible. If you are bringing foreign currency to exchange outside of banks (ie when traveling outside Lhasa), it should be US dollars and you should plan to have small denominations (twenties or lower) to change in local hotels. In Lhasa, hotels accept all major credit cards. In other parts, credit card acceptance is rare.


You need warm clothing during Tibet tour, or throughout the year. You also need warm clothing in November, December, January and February in Tibet. In Tibet, winter months are November, December, January, February, and March (the average temperature in January is -2°C) but there isn’t all that much snow. Summer (May to September) have warm days with strong sunshine and cool nights. At higher elevations (ie above 4000 m) even summer days can be chilly. During spring and autumn, you need to be prepared for four seasons in one day, including the possibility of snowfall. The monsoon affects parts of Tibet (particularly eastern Tibet) from mid-July to the end of September (July and August bring half of Tibet’s annual rainfall).


Person having high blood pressure, lungs & heart problems should consult with his or her doctor before trekking in Tibet. Up till now, there are few cases of altitude sickness during treks. Signs of altitude mountain sickness are simple headache, fever, breath problem, loss of appetite, constipation, or stomach disorder.


Vaccination is not compulsory, but it is better if you vaccinate against diphtheria, hepatitis, malaria, typhoid, polio and tetanus. Ace Holidays would also like to know your blood group because it is important in case of emergency. Please tell Ace Holidays if you are suffering from any disease.

Best Seasons

Summer is widely regarded as the best time to travel to Tibet, some travelers prefer to travel to Tibet in autumn when the landscape of Tibet is most visible and also not so cloudy. While some tourists love to go to Tibet in winter which is the best time to experience Tibetan pilgrims’ religious life. Hence, the best time to visit Tibet depends on each tourist’s interests and his or her considerations, such as climate condition, Tibetan festivals, monthly highlights of Tibet and the cost of a tour.

Tibetan Foods include Sha Phaley, Thenthuk, Xogoi Momo, De-Thuk, noddles, etc.