Voluntourism in Nepal

As the slogan of Ace Holidays is “Volunteering is Traveling,” you will enjoy every moment of your stay in Arupokhari and its neighboring villages in Gorkha District of Nepal. The Volunteer Program of Ace Holidays is flexible, and you can modify it, according to your requirements. Ace Holidays believes that a volunteer always wants to work better for the villagers, who live in a remote village of Gorkha. While volunteering, you will also get an opportunity to witness the traditional lifestyle and culture of the people of Gorkha. Volunteering includes from teaching to working in a health post to community developments of Gorkha.

Besides doing volunteer jobs in Gorkha, you will also do farming, for example, you will till a paddy field by using bulls, you will also go for fishing in the Budi Gandaki and Stull Rivers, you will also go for hiking to the neighboring villages, and you will also see the astonishing sunrise and sunset on the mountains, such as Manaslu, Ganesh, and on some parts of Annapurna Ranges