Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek - 20 Days

Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek takes you to an altitude of 6340 m of Mt. Everest. In this trek, you will spend nights at the Advanced Base and Interim Camps. You will also acclimatize 3 days at the base camp of Everest. During acclimatization, you sit, read, and dine in front of the world’s highest mountain. At this time, you will also enjoy watching the soaring peak of Everest against the bluest sky. After acclimatizing, you will climb the Advanced Everest Base Camp, cross the Rongbuk River, and walk between the glaciers and valleys.

On your way to the Interim Camp, you will be amazed by the stunning pinnacles of the East Rongbuk Glacier. The Interim camp of the Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek occupies a large space, and the subsequent Camp, that is, camp 2 is one of the important camps for the Everest Base Camp Trekkers. On the other hand, Advanced Camp is situated on the flattened gravel mounds, as well as, lies by the glacier. From Camp 2, you will see the impressive ridge, extending above the pinnacles to the southwest of Mt Everest. You will also see the striated rock summit of Mt. Everest, which appears close to you, and which lies 2400 meters away from camp 3. Likewise, you enjoy walking downhill to the Everest Base Camp. Crossing small streams, you step into the Magic Highway and see the whole northeast ridge of Mt. Everest.

Before you begin the Tibet Everest Base Trek, you will drive west to the Karo La Pass (5045 m) and see the spectacular view of a tumbling glacier. With a guide, you will visit several monasteries of Lhasa. One of the monasteries, that you visit, is Sera Monastery, which is one of the best-preserved monasteries of Tibet. Several hundred monks live and study within the whitewashed walls of this monastery, which has a golden roof.