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Influencing Instagrammers Take Breath-stealing Photos of Nepal

Influencing Instagrammers Take Breath-stealing Photos of Nepal

The Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) team invited influencing Instagrammers from US, Japan and Nepal to start their #MyGHT campaign. The objective is to send the message that there are so many places in Nepal unaffected by the earthquake and to attract travelers.

The Instagrammers have taken spectacular photos. Look and enjoy some of their photos and get attracted to come to Nepal!


Mt. Everest, 29,029 feet (which remained the same height after this year’s earthquakes in Nepal) can be seen on a short hour and a half-long flight out of Kathmandu’s airport.


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The Scene at Boudhanath



Shop vendors and pedestrians mingle outside one of the many temples in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Though the area was one of the most damaged in the city from this year’s Nepal earthquakes, people continue to mingle around and use these temples as they normally would. I have witnessed a number of prayer ceremonies occurring in temples that seem to be held up entirely by wooden support beams. Though the damage here is sometimes striking, people always talk about the situation with a smile on their face. The positivity here is incredibly inspiring.


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There are different ways to feel the grandeur of mountains in Nepal. If you are not a trekker or are here for a short trip, airlines here offer amazing mountain flights!



Moving at the pace of peacefulness.


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Adventure of a lifetime



Nepal will make you stop and stare more than you normally do, unless staring is a hobby of yours.


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Absolutely in love with the landscape on our way to Lo Manthang



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When Jeeps just won’t cut it anymore. My new ride in the Himalayas.



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One of the three passes the #MyGHT Team passed on our way to Lo Manthang. Standing on top of the hill and watching this majestic almost marsian landscape was something you would never forget!



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The layers of earth in this region are incredible. Towering mountains hang as backdrops to expansive rolling desert hills. And every so often one might come across a little green village tucked away in the folds of the earth where sunlight hits most. This is Chuksang village, where we stopped for lunch at a little tea house in the middle of town. Rows of apple orchards circle this town, which seems to be the least likely place for such a thing.


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God is on our side, and never did he let us fall. Some say we wouldn’t make it, others say we couldn’t take it. All that I’m here to say is that through it all, that we’re still standing tall.