Bhutan Heritage Tour - 11 Days

Bhutan Heritage Tour takes you to Ta dzong, Rimpung dzong, and Drugyel dzong. Each of these you visit is a palace and fortress. Mt. Jomalhari is one of the backgrounds of Drugyel dzong. After visiting the dzongs, you head off to a farmhouse, wherein you observe the traditional life of the Bhutanese. Bhutan Heritage Tour also takes you to the forest of pine and cedar and in the close proximity of the Dochula Pass, which affords a panoramic view of the Himalayan Ranges.

In this pass, you see the rhododendrons, magnolias, junipers, and pine trees, while in the forest, you see the birds that are rarely found in other parts of the world. Some of these birds include White – Capped Water Redstarts and Grey Wagtails. Later, you drive to Lobesa and hike up to Chimi Lhakhang temple, which blesses the women, who seek fertility. You also visit Trongsa dzong, which is the biggest and impressive dzong of Bhutan.

Other highlights of Bhutan Heritage Tour include Chumey and Choekhor, mountain valleys, Tang and Ura valleys, glacial Phobijika valley, Jakar Dzong, Kurje Lhakhang and Tamshing. You also do an excursion up to Tiger’s Nest, which clings to the edge of a sheer rock cliff, and which plunges 900 m into the Paro valley. History states that Guru Padmasambhava, the Tantric mystic, who brought Buddhism to Bhutan, landed here on the back of a flying tigress from Tibet. He established Nyingma School of Mahayana Buddhism in Bhutan, and the Bhutanese believe that he is the protector saint of Bhutan.