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Why to Travel by Air

Why to Travel by Air

Travelling by air is safer than travelling by road. The former is fast, smooth, and reliable, while the latter is slow, unreliable, and lengthy. You can distinguish the former from the latter even by closing your eyes. You also know that this is as easy as peeling a banana – very easy thing that you can do ever in your life.

When you book your flight, your mind is dominated by the positive thought, which loves to look only at the good aspects of life. Here good aspects mean comfort. This also means your mind only wants to see what it wants to. Really, it loves to avoid looking at bad aspects which will put you in a difficult situation, and which you do not want, but you know very well this is not possible all the time in your life, which takes you sometimes to the area of sadness and sometimes to the area of happiness.

Travelling by air is a symbol of comfort, this is what your instincts tells you, and it is also as safe as standing on a land, which lies 10 km away from the volcano that is going to erupt, that is going to destroy a village.
Give aero plane the name “coolest.” Aero plane becomes the coolest transportation of the world as against the bus which gives travel pain to your body when it traverses those bumpy roads of those remote places of the world. Some parts of Nepal come under the list of the remotest parts of the world. Imagine travelling in those parts by bus and also imagine your body suffering from pain as it bumps against the roof of a bus.. Aero plane, the coolest transportation of the world, is handled by a bunch of responsible people, who will supervise your luggage, take it away from you, bring it near you from the airport to another airport where you are going to land. This is the comfort your life actually wants.

Before your flight, as well as in the midst of the flight, you think psychologically and naturally that you are travelling by air or by the safest medium of the world, and you are right, really right, numerically 101% right in thinking so, as well as, in sharing this thought of yours, which is aero plane is the safest medium of transportation, to your friends, relatives, would be air passengers, and so on. In this way, you will be working as a middle person, but who is working without expecting a monetary profit, but giving peace of mind to the travelers.

It is pointless to talk of air transportation without mentioning airport, which is relational, which is essential, and which is vital to the travelers and to the world because it is not only a linkage, but it also earns revenue for a country. Above all, it is what a country cannot think of itself in today’s world. Travelling by air means the people of different nationalities choosing the same path, and it also means the people of different religions following the same path without a feeling of discrimination and without becoming bias.